Safi Sana Sansibar – Tunashona kwa Maendelo

Safi Sani Sansibar is the name of a group of women from Zanzibar Island  who got together to improve their life and the education of their children.

Tunashona kwa Maendelo – Sewing for Development.  It is not easy to find jobs on the island. Although the tourism sector is  growing, participation of  women and especially young female adults in economic activities related to tourism is rare, apart from housekeeping/cleaning services. These women have basic sewing skills and intend to improve those skills to come up with a very exciting new product for national and international tourists and you!

A special selection of these products will be available soon in support of a crowd funding campaign for Safi Sana Sansibar. Your support is needed. Watch the news on this blog. Follow us!


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